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Comprehensive helper insurance

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    Comprehensive helper insurance

    I currently have hsbc insurance for my helper which will reimburse $150 per doctor visit.

    My helper has some health issues and we are seeing private doctors charging $2000 consultation fee plus we will need tests running in the $1000's.

    We tried going through the govt system but the waiting list is ridiculous - the earliest they can see her is Dec 2013.

    I know we are too late to get extra cover, but for future reference are there more comprehensive medical plans for Helpers?

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    howardcoombs is offline Registered User
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    Helpers and non helpers are all humans with normal human medical needs : there is no difference in the type of insurance they require.

    If you need better coverage for your helper, just contact the usual suspects in town : AIA, Bupa, PPP etc and they will have different levels of coverage for different premiums.

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