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Any feedback on ESF Tsing Ti?

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    Any feedback on ESF Tsing Ti?

    Esp on its open class rooms concept (noisy/distracting?), teachers quality etc?

    Any feedback most appreciated! Thanks!

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    Depends on the teacher.
    In my opinion, the open plan space there is really poorly managed.
    We had a child there several years back and, other issues aside, they did not have anywhere 'quiet'. So if a child was upset or injured or just needed quiet time out, there was literally no where to go. It is chock a block - 30 kids in a space that other KGs would baulk at having 20 in.

    And they really lacked structure (which is not incompatible with a learn-through-play philosophy).

    The principal (again, in my opinion), is not as knowledgable as she would like to seem. She gave us incorrect information on a number of occasions on a number of topics, some of which caused us very real problems.

    If you want more info, please message me. All I can say is that if we had the same choice over again, we would choose differently.

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