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looking for a caring OBGYN

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    looking for a caring OBGYN

    Pretty desperate with my situation and looking for some advice!

    I'm at 31 weeks pregnant, since 27 weeks I have been in and out of the hospital with high blood pressure and have been diagnosed with placenta previa. My boss has been pretty relentless in forcing me to work during sick leave but now I'm getting the feeling that he will let me go after the maternity leave is finished. I have been going from one sick leave to another, and I have been informed by the labour department that by law I don't have to work while I'm on sick leave.

    My maternity leave starts on July 30th, I've explained to the doctors at QE (where I've been doing my checkups) that this pressure from my boss is not really helping with my blood pressure and fatigue and my boss is not really understanding in terms of the difficulties I've had with this pregnancy and working at the same time.

    My best bet in my opinion is to explain my working situation to an OBGYN that would be more willing to prescribe a longer sick leave period for me so that I can rest up for the remainder for my pregnancy.

    Anyone has a recommendation for a private OBGYN that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for this kind of situation?

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    Hi! Try Sally Ferguson with OT&P she is great. Straight forward but very understanding. She doesn't do deliveries anymore but all the scans and check ups. Most of my friends have used her and all very happy. Good Luck!

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