Oh yes, this is my meaning. My daughter is quite 1 year old and when she wants my breast I still allow it to her, and this is since the very first moment of her life. I've tried and tried and tried, every day I've been trying to feed her with my breast milk, I took also some pills to stimulate my production of breast milk, I was vegetarian and I started to eat meat because someone has suggested me to try because proteines deriving from animals may help the prodcution of breast milk...I tried all the medical and not medical remedies to succeed in feeding my baby with my breast but.....it didn't work. When she was 5 days old, doctors of the clinic where she were born, in Milan, almost forced me to add formula at least 5/6 time per day because my baby was too small and didn't take enough weight: I kept on trying with breast feeding but I always added formula because I wanted to be sure she was good. And now she is good even if I couldn't give her my breast milk. This is my meaning.