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Any thoughts on Discovery Montessori (Sheung Wan)?

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    Any thoughts on Discovery Montessori (Sheung Wan)?


    My daughter started at a Woodlands playgroup recently and I wasn't too impressed (disorganized, lack of interest from teachers, poor Mandarin program - granted it's only 15 mins per week, etc.). A mum I met said she felt the same and moved her child to Discovery Montessori (Sheung Wan). So I checked out the school and quite liked the environment but it has only opened for about a year so was wondering if I should move her given Woodlands has a "longer history"...

    Still in two minds about what primary school I will eventually put her into (hence beefing up her Mandarin with other classes) but just want to find a good program now that she will enjoy herself and develop...

    Anyone has had experience with DM?


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    This reply might come too late. My son started school there in late Aug. He cried for 2 weeks when he started but the teachers and the support staff were very supportive. They were constantly in contact with me and checking with me if it's ok that my son has been crying and throwing up from too much crying. Two weeks later, he settled down. I was at the school for a parents evening. Was very impressed with the evening. And my son now, he loves going to school. Despite him crying so much for the first week, he was able to show us how to roll a mat on the 2nd day of school. My son was only 2 when he started class.

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    My son has been attending the DMS playgroup in Discovery Bay for a year now (from 12-24 months of age). Although there had been some hiccups in the past 2 months with teacher changes, things have more or less settled down and it didn't bother my kiddo much. I must say my son had learned a lot in the past year from this school, including manners, discipline (as much as you can give a one-year-old), and the ability to concentrate. They are also very systematic with the academic learnings while keeping it fun.

    Two years ago i visited the Woodlands Montessori on Caine Road and loved it, but since we live far from any Woodland schools we ended up at DMS. If Woodlands opens in DB i may choose Woodlands instead, but so far i haven't regretted my decision with the options i have, and shall continue in DMS until he gets in a "Through-train" school.

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