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Recent experience on CX flight to US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by papa2b View Post
    Hmm...we've flown on multiple occasions with United direct to the US (Newark) from Hong Kong with a 2y.o. and 1y.o. and we have never been asked to discard milk/water on either end.
    Have had occasions where they allowed water with a test, but more often than not they have asked us to toss the water on the secondary check on US bound flights. Same with UHT milk. With a doctor's note explaining the necessity of the milk there is often still some confusion about whether we can bring it onboard, but some sort of supervisory figure generally sorts it out.

    Agree that regional flights are not a problem.

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    We're flying Cathay HK to Paris with our 11-month-old. We bought 3 economy seats.
    I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to business, since we have tons of extra Asiamiles.
    I didn't want to, initially, since the seats are all individual, i.e. you can't sit next to each other.
    But now it seems like business might be better.
    This will be baby's first long-haul flight.

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    Gracey, check if your flight will be fitted with the new business class. If so, then the two middle seats are much more accessible than the old herringbone business seats. Then again, you'd still need to have your LO sitting on your lap with the lap belt during take off and landing. If you're flying red-eye then the business class lay-flat seats would make more sense. Your little one will have their own space to sleep. But if you're flying during the day, the 3 economy seats would be more sensible. Also, when choosing the 3 economy seats, I prefer not to have the bassinet row because the middle armrests are fixed and cannot be raised. Anyway, those bassinets are tiny and by the time they're 6 months even, those things are way too small.

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    Gracey, on long hauls with the LO I go business every time for the following reasons. When the LO naps they can stretch out and have a really good sleep with their little security blanket or sleeping bag ect. Also the air stewardess is really helpful and will give you hot water, bottles of water, nappies really quickly. Thirdly the toilets usually have little by the way of queues. Finally our breaks are short with the LO and we want them and ourselves to arrive refreshed and ready to start the holiday. To be quite frank I'm happy to go cattle when flying a business trip (sadly it doesn't work that way) than when flying with my children. I crying, whingeing, unhappy LO takes like 10 years off my life (well feels that way for the moment anyway).
    For short hauls around Asia economy works just as well as business in my opinion.
    Agree with another poster that if you do decide to go economy long haul don't get the bassinet row as the LO has zero chance of sleeping draped across hubby and yourself as the arm rests don't go up!

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    Just got back to Hk from ny. Flew cathay economy with seat for my 1.5th old. No problem bringing Uht milk boxes either direction. Service was good, stewardess tried to be helpful regarding getting water, when to bring meals etc. My boys are picky eater so I brought cooked pasta, PBJ, boxes of cut fruit, and crackers and cereal for them. Kids meals are really uninspiring adult meal with rice is better at least they eat the rice. We got bulkhead row and like it as there is more room for kids to stand up an play and for me too.
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