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Diaper service in Beijing

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    Diaper service in Beijing

    I'm temporarily moving to Beijing with a toddler who's not yet potty trained. The recommendation we've received is pack enough diapers to last our stay. :/ Is there a diapering service in the city that will pick up soiled and deliver laundered cloth dipes?

    ETA: Sorry, just realized this is a HK forum. If anyone has info for Beijing, I'd appreciate. Otherwise, ignore or (admins) please delete.

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    Just asked a colleage with a baby in Beijing about the 'diaper situation' there. He says that there is no need to pack enough diapers for your stay, but bring enough to give you time to find a brand/ source you like.

    Carefore stores have a good selection and you can usually get Huggies and Pampers. Walmart and larger local grocery stores also carry diapers. Good pretty "local" brands include Sealer and Mami Poko.

    Our friend also uses Red Baby ( to order diapers.

    Regarding diapering service for cloth diapers, totally depends on where you are living (BJ is huge and these services tend to be small, local businesses). They do exist, but our friend just uses disposable diapers (they weren't too sure about the detergents/ chemicals local launderers might use, although admittedly not likely a big issue).

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