Sorry I have to disagree with the Dr Hui recommendation - after reading this thread I went to him this morning with my 1 year old son. I had him in a carrier and Dr Hui told me not to take him out (in a manner that I would be wasting (his) time by taking the baby out), I did it anyway because it's clearly very uncomfortable for him in a carrier while I'm sitting down.

He tried to assess my son's mouth with him sitting on my lap, without addressing my son or tried to ease him in, so of course any one-year-old would struggle when a masked man comes in with bits of metal poking in his mouth. Throughout the 1-minute assessment, he made absolutely no attempt to calm my son down. He could barely get my son to open his mouth, then decides that my son's frenelum is thick (agree, as with the other docs' diagnosis) and it's very forward (totally disagree, I had it assessed with other docs and I can see it is not when he opens his mouth - of which he didn't at Dr Hui's office).

After discovering my son is tongue-tied, we have tried to get him to stick his tongue out to get a good look at it, and sometimes he does it on cue, so I tried to get him to do it at the doctor's office, but Dr Hui cuts me off, saying 'don't waste your time, of course he won't do it', Dr Hui just constantly talked over me while I was trying and didn't even give my son a chance, again, in a manner that we are taking up his precious time (that we are paying for!!!)

He asked no questions about my son's development, actually he asked no questions at all except what's wrong with him and how I found the clinic. He and his nurses showed not an ounce of care nor a smile, tried to shove me out the door the entire time I was there (no more than 5 mins tops), gave me the shortest answers to my questions and volunteered no information. This experience cost me 1300 bucks!

What made me more upset was the entire reception army (like 5 of them) were unfriendly, did not smile, the one who served me spat out the amount, left my receipt and card on the counter, didn't even say thanks and avoided any sort of eye contact. WTF. The whole place felt commercial and we were all just dollar signs to them. I have seen many doctors and specialists, this is the second-worst experience I have had - let's save number one for another time!!