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Do you need a car seat in hong kong?

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    sushierao is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2012
    Pok Fu lam, Hong Kong

    Do you need a car seat in hong kong?

    We are going to have our first baby in jan next year. I drive and have my own car, however do I really need a car seat if I can have my helper or my mom with me when i want to take the baby out. Would anyone know the rules about this in hong kong?

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    South District

    It is not required by the law to have a baby car seAt in hong kong.

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    Honkyblues is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006

    The laws of the land say you don't need one.
    The laws of physics say you do.

    I can't believe that if you drive your own car, you wouldn't put a car seat for your baby in it. Do you really think that in any kind of accident your mom or helper holding your baby will actually protect it? If they even managed to hold on to your baby, their own body weight (especially when multiplied by G-force of impact) would probably kill or seriously injure your child. But it's most likely that as the baby's weight when thrown forward in a 30mph crash is equivalent to 8 bags of cement, they will be unable to hold on to your child who will become a flying missile in the car (or through the windscreen).

    Take a look at:

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it beggars belief that when you have your own car you are seriously considering doing without a seatbelt.

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    carang's Avatar
    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2004
    Sai Kung

    one of the things i REALLY don't understand:

    in hk, parents seem to take their kids to the doctor the second they have a runny nose.... "my child's health is the most important thing" they say....

    then they hold their baby in their lap while in a car! it really boggles my mind....

    do you want your baby to become a bullet? that is what will happen if you don't restrain him/her properly in a car seat!

    if you love your child and your child's safety is really the most important thing to you..... get a car seat... and use it! i don't care if the baby cries for an hour straight (mine did!).... at least the baby is safe!

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    evgreen is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2011
    Tai Tam

    Please get a car seat! If you drive with a seatbelt on for safety then your child should be safely restrained as well.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    South District

    Would agree with the above posts...have three car seats myself for my kids...takes up ost my space in my car! :). A personal choice, but not required by law.

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    May 2010

    People are rightly pointing out the physics of this, so I thought I'd try to give you a bit of an example. My math is a bit rough here, but basically it would work out something like this:

    For a newborn, goto the store and buy 4 liters of say Pepsi. That will weigh about 4kgs, or about 9 lbs. For a six month old, get about 6 liters (about 15 lbs).

    Goto the second floor of a building, about 20 feet off the ground (for a quick comparison a double decker is about 14 bus feet tall). Sit down and have the Pepsi in your lap (not clutching it, just sort of in your lap).

    Close your eyes and than have someone push you off the edge (because you never know when an accident would happen).

    Did the Pepsi break? Were you able to hold it in your arms?

    At 20 feet, by the time you hit the ground you'd be going about 25mph (40km/h), which is probably the average speed on many roads, but well below the freeway speeds. When you hit the ground, your newborn 'baby' would be thrown with the force of 250lbs out of your arms. It would be basically be a projectile ripped from your arms and thrown into the windshield of your car.

    This isn't a perfect example but might give you an idea of some of the forces you'll be dealing with trying to hold a baby in your arms during a car crash.

    Please, get a car seat. Take no comfort whatsoever in the fact that the government has failed to mandate you to do so.

    Get a car seat, please.

    (others who didn't sleep through physics lessons can feel free to update my math).

    More on the math:

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    qwert12 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2012

    Will baby carrier protect your baby in a moving vehicle?

    Researchers Kathleen Weber and John Melvin of the Highway Safety Research Institute at the University of Michigan Medical School tested this scenario using a 30 mph, front, dynamic crash test of the type required by the current federal safety standard for child car seats. In the crash test, an adult held the baby in a soft, cloth front carrier like the Baby Bjorn and used a lap/shoulder belt. The researchers found that this infant was at a very high risk. The tested carrier shredded completely, ejecting the infant dummy into the dashboard. If the carrier had not shredded, they found that the infant would likely still not have survived. As the adult's head traveled forward in the whiplash motion, the adult's chin would have slammed down into the infant's head right where the soft spot is.

    If you find yourself in a taxi with just your infant and a Baby Bjorn (hopefully you never will), there is no way to protect your baby. However, you can still protect yourself by wearing your seatbelt. Putting the seatbelt over you and the baby will only make matters worse. It will not help the baby and will endanger you in the process.

    The link: (more relevant information about how to protect your baby in a car in the link)

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