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First time fathers weight gain

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    Still doing the same amount of exercise for destressing. Have gained 2kg so far which in my case is eating out more, irregular hours, and additional muscles building in the arms from carrying the pram & baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2010-NewDad View Post
    I put on 12kg during the first year of my child's life. The reasons were simple - less time to go the gym, less time to go hiking, constantly feeling tired due to disrupted sleep/physical demands of working full time and looking after a baby.

    We also ate less healthily as we tended to order more, and cook at home less - again the baby puts a lot of demands on time and compromises were made.

    Now she sleeps better and we have more of a routines the weight is falling back away, just want to get back down before the second one comes along.
    This! My hubby has also found it very difficult to fit in exercise with our new busier routine, plus 2 babies that have even terrible sleepers has not helped the motivation to exercise. When you're tired you tend to crave sugar too I guess....

    Now our smallest is 4 months old and starting (a little bit!) to sleep he's back in the gym and we're both losing our 'baby weight' lol!

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    It's an interesting and funny thread! I think most people gain weight because of happy and relax lifestyle. I am sure he is a very happy and satisfied daddy!!

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