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Matilda, Adventist or Sanatorium?

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    Matilda, Adventist or Sanatorium?


    First post, first pregnancy, just over 4 weeks pregnant. Conceived through IVF after 2.5 years so taking things easy.

    Once I had my second blood test confirmed just last week I got asked which hospital and was completely clueless. Matilda you apparently can't book until you are 9 weeks in (with a scan pic), and the other suggestions when I asked were Sanatorium (where the IVF was done) and the Adventist. Matilda is the popular choice, most people I know have been there. But I was advised to make a second choice, so I randomly picked Adventist (theory being it was probably easier to get to from Pokfulam than Sanatorium).

    Does anyone have any advice, and is it normal to pay a deposit for 2 hospitals? I was told today the Adventist is confirmed and I have to pay a deposit in 2 weeks but my preference would definitely be Matilda. It also feels a bit weird as I haven't told anyone about the pregnancy because I can't quite believe it is real, so putting a deposit down now seems a bit strange.

    Any advice much appreciated!

    Thanks :-)

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    I definitely wouldn't pay for two deposits. If you have paid for Adventist already then you are now committed there. Getting into Matilda at 9 weeks is pretty straightforward if you do it right on time and are with a doctor who does plenty of deliveries there. My understanding is each of the doctors who has privileges there gets given an allocation of a certain number of deliveries per month so if they say they can get you in they probably can. I think medically Sanatorium is probably excellent, but depending on where you come from language could be a concern which will not be the case at Adventist. For what it's worth I had my first two children at Matilda and will be returning there in 12 weeks or so for number three! Good luck with it all.

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    Agree with newbiekt - I delivered at Matilda twice (including a very recent one), and it's quite straightforward as long as you book right after you hit 9 weeks. However, you should still check with your doctor to make sure that it is the case when his clinic does the booking. I certainly wouldn't put down deposits for 2 hospitals.

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    i delivered at all three and if I were to have a fourth (which I don't - but IF) I would go back to Sanatorium for sure. Matilda was where I delivered # 1, Sanatorium #2 and Adventist take is Matilda is resort like for the mom - medical equipment wise for the kid, not great. Sanatorium is very modern, 6 star hotel feel, but not "resort" feel. Communication in English would be fine. The staff there are bilingual - just a big bunch of mainlanders, but to be honest, you will hardly be out of your room, so you won't be interacting with them very closely. Rooms are quite sound proof so if they are yapping away you dont hear. Adventist I wouldn't go back. went only because sanatorium was full, and matilda, for me, was too far away ...sounds insane, but i figured with #3 I didn't want to be in pain for so long (I live in Pokfulam) - sanatorium was close, but full, the next closest was adventist. the rooms at adventist are standard, clean, but none of the perks of the other two (internet etc) - you get at your bed from a hanging monitor at sanatorium! that was great! :)

    don't put down two deposits - perhaps you should try to visit so you can get a feel for yourself - you still have time!

    good luck! :)and congrats!

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    There are two ways to decide...depending on if you place priority on the doctor or on the hospital. Honestly, if you have a straightforward vaginal delivery, the hospital stay is only 2-3 days anyway. I think the doctor you feel most comfortable with is more important to getting the birth and experience that you want.
    I put my name down with Matilda at 7 weeks, but didn't officially get on the list until 9 weeks, so the sooner you can see a doctor and book a bed, the better your chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newbiekt View Post
    I think medically Sanatorium is probably excellent, but depending on where you come from language could be a concern which will not be the case at Adventist.
    I don't think language is a problem at the Sanatorium - my wife delivered there and speaks no Cantonese. All the staff spoke English just fine. The noisy and inconsiderate mainlanders were a problem in the shared ward but if you go for a private room this issue disappears. I think she would opt for Matilda next time though - if you are paying for a nice experience then you might as well go for a truly nice experience.

    We couldn't get into Matilda last time though - seems you need to pre-reserve even earlier than 9 weeks and then confirm the pre-reversation at 9 weeks with the blood test. Crazy!

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