I have no success in getting pregnant with fertility doctor. I ovulate but have no menstruation flow. I have Immue issue with low blood cell count. I suspect i have autoimmune condition.

The problem is with hk medical system is that u see specislists. So i have a fertility doctor that focus on giving me stimulation drugs to get me pregnant. And i have an oncologist i see to monitor my white blood cell count. The fertility doctor knows that i have absent menstrual flow and poor uterine blood flow but she hasnt discussed it with my oncologist. She doesnt look outside the box and just tell me to keep on trying. Oncologist knows im seeing the gyneacologist/fertility doctor from the same hospital, but he never asked abt the treatment. I need to find out so much by myself where in the US, it is all in one department: immunology reproduction.

The fertility industry in hk is light years behind many countries. Or hk doctors are too busy to make money...im doing a lot of research and speaking to overseas doctors on my own. I'm now considering immunological tests and immune treatment in the US... Do u have similar experience? Do u happen to know if immune testing/treatment are available in HK? Which clinic/hospital? Which doctor?