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Are maternity packages good value?

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    Gertie79 is offline Registered User
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    Are maternity packages good value?


    I am only 7 weeks pregnant but am already having to book the hospital. We have pretty much settled on the Sanatorium (if its available) and they publish their package prices online, but I was wondering whether these actually work out cheaper, presuming you have a complication free delivery? A three night stay seems excessive to me if there have been no problems. Would it be cheaper to just pay per night or do all the incidentals rack up? I'm just not sure if these packages are the cheapest way to go?


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    Honkyblues is offline Registered User
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    I've got a feeling that you get charged for a 3-night stay whether you check out early or not. Might want to ask them that question.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Honkyblues is correct, you get charged even though you leave early that happened to me since I only needed two daysand not three as I paid for in the package. No refund...if it were my first I'd stay all three days, but I had two kids at home.

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    I don't think they'll let you pay 'a-la-carte' either. You pay a deposit for the whole package right from the get-go. This is how their money is made and if you don't want the package, I'm sure there are a ton of willing people waiting behind you.

    Oh and I know someone who left Sanitorium after just 1 night and she forfeited the other 2 nights.

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    The three day stay is standard for normal deliveries, with 5 nights post c-section. If this is your first child, and you have a private room, you'll probably want to stay. It's actually really nice to just hunker down with your newborn and rest, with breastfeeding/ bathing advice and expert swaddling/ settling on tap :-) Also, your Obs and the paediatrician will come in each day to see you and the baby, which is good for spotting any issues with stitches, uterus retraction and other birth side effects. I would really take the opportunity.

    Understand it's different if you're on the ward or have other children at home (although I've already told my husband I'm staying my full 3 days with this second one)

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