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BUPA HK info pregnancy

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    Talking BUPA HK info pregnancy

    Hi there!!! I'm a newbie here :smile

    I've been reading through the forum, but I'm just getting more and more confused!!!!

    I will be moving to HK at the end of this month, and I'd like to get pregnant as soon as pos (I'm 37). After reading about the 12month waiting period on most insurances, I've contacted mine in Spain (Sanitas) and BUPA HK, and, as they are from the same group, they will make a transfer, ;-) which is great. BUT, is BUPA HK ok? I've never looked into benefits and so on! Any experience with them?

    Any replies most apreciated, as I'm a bit lost here!!

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    Will depend on your coverage. Mine covered 60000 HKD (for my emergency c-section) which included all pre-natal visits, etc. I went the private route and ended up paying around 140,000 HKD out of pocket. Assuming yours is anywhere close to the same amount (40,000 HKD) for natural birth), you'll need to go the public route (which I hear very nice things about) to be anywhere near the covered amount.

    For the second, I got on hubby's insurance and they paid everything but we paid around $5000 USD on insurance premiums (for him, me and our son). If there's a third, we are probably looking either at private insurance (which is put at about $5000 USD for our current family of 4) or going public as my husband has changed jobs and his new employer offers garbage.

    Overall, Bupa's been ok, but if you are on local issuance plans, they likely will not cover private doctor/hospital.

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