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seeking preschool app advice

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    seeking preschool app advice

    Our family will be moving to Hong Kong in October, well after the school year has begun. Will we have problems getting our 3.9 year old into a preschool after we arrive? Should we apply now before we go, and if so, to how many schools should we apply to ensure space for him somewhere? We plan to live in Repulse Bay or Stanley.

    Thank you for your advice!

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    Would definitely start contacting preschools now - and also looking at kindergarten placement if you plan to be here long term (it is much harder to secure a kindergarten spot at an international school and the waitlists long). If you are only going to be here a couple years, some of the preschools can accommodate children up to six years or so. The south side preschools often have waiting lists and it is better to add your name sooner rather than later. Even if the school does not have a wait list, if they know your planned arrival date they can better plan to accommodate your child in a class.

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