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Not too pleased with my ion straightening

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    Not too pleased with my ion straightening


    I got my hair straightened at Mina Devwil about 4 weeks ago but noticed that my hair still has a wave in the middle. My hair is not curly but had wanted it to be very straight (almost flat) after the process which did not happen. I do this every year (but is my first try at MDW) so I don't understand why my hair didnt come out nicely this time.

    Anyway, my question is has anyone undergone a repeat within a short period? How did it turn out? Would it really be ok to have it redone sometime soon or should I just accept this and wait for 6 months for the touch up? If I can, did you do any treatment prior to redoing it and also afterwards?

    Many thanks!
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    Have you tried the Japanese straightening system? I've used this system twice in the past and each time was very satisfied with the straightness of my hair and the length of time it lasts (pretty much lasts until you cut your hair off). Never needed to style or blow dry my hair afterwards. I don't know much about the ion hair straightening process, but doing chemical processing like that back to back probably isn't very healthy for your hair, but I don't think will wreck your hair completely unless your hair was not in great shape to begin with. The Japanese hair straightening is a chemical process though which relaxes your hair, but is supposed to be 100% safe (unlike Brazilian blowouts). I don't think doing hair treatments prior to straightening your hair is recommended though as your hair will be less likely to hold on to the straightening, but I don't see why you can't do hair treatments afterwards. Just wait at least several days after straightening before doing hair treatments so your hair has time to 'set'.

    Here is a useful link:


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    i like to go to sassy hair at olympic 2 to do straightening. lasts forever and isn't too damaging.

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