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4 day trip to London - good or bad idea?

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    4 day trip to London - good or bad idea?

    Hi, I'm thinking about taking my 2 year old on a 4 day trip to London later this month. Not sure if it would be unpleasant for her given the long haul flights so close together and the time zone difference and jet lag, etc. We travel to closer destinations frequently, and she is pretty good on shorter flights. We have also done flights to Europe and America, but for much longer stays.

    Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has done the trip with a young toddler as I am pretty on the fence. I love London and want to take her with me, but just not sure if this trip is right for her.


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    wah... not something i would want to do with a 2 year old... i took my 2 year old to canada for 2 weeks once and it was pure hell. i think i got about 2 hours sleep every night (had the baby, too, so was breastfeeding constantly--she was only 5 weeks old).

    nope, would not want to do it unless it was for a decent length of time.... 1 week-2 weeks minimum.

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    It depends to some extent what you're planning to do when you get there. I'm assuming if you're going for such a short trip there is a reason for that and you've got particular plans? I've found that it normally takes at least 2 days for a 2 year old to adjust to the time difference and some kids take longer than others. So I tend to have flexible plans for the first few days to allow for them sleeping at odd times (and often impossible to wake), which could be very frustrating. Also if she is up half the night you might find you are knackered and don't have the energy to do much,meaning a day or so 'wasted' which would only give you a couple of full days. Also are your planned activities 2 year old friendly? If they're not you might not enjoy them yourself,especially if she is tired due to the time change. Hope this helps...

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