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Australia trip suggestions pls!

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    inkmink is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2010

    Australia is extremely strict with food items. Your home cooked snacks may not make it into the country. Baby formula is fine but would suggest bringing unopened packs/cans.

    With a toddler, it will be better if you rent a car even if you are staying in city centre (in Melb). It will be pretty hard and time consuming if you plan to venture out of city centre.

    Apart from farm stay, you may want to consider visiting strawberry/berries/apple picking farm if the season is right.

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    North Point

    I'll second what inkmink said - don't bring in fruit/vegetables or home cooked food. If you bring food in SEALED containers (bought food, never opened) it should be ok - but then you can buy food there for the same price or cheaper anyway so there's no point. Plus if you bring anything edible, you need to declare it and go through quarantine and show it to them etc, so it really slows you down. I prefer to not bring anything and just buy there.

    I have no idea about farm stays sorry - but do agree that if you are doing a lot of trips that are outside of the city, it may be wise to hire a car. For cheap car hire, try bayswater - they don't have as many options but are significantly cheaper than hertz etc... I've used them many times and have always been happy with them. They don't have airport pick up though so will need to cab from the airport...

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    dpmother is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    thanks inkmink & nicolejoy for ur inputs :)

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    TNT is offline Banned
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    Feb 2010
    Hong Kong

    I second the recommendation for Collingwood Children's Farm,it is perfect for small children and it is not too hard to get too on public transport. This is in Melbourne. I think you will find it impossible to get to a farm stay without a car and as others have said it is unlikely you'll have time if you want to visit Sydney and Melbourne. Other good things to do in Melbourne are Botanic Gardens (which are beautiful), Melbourne zoo (not as spectacular a location as Sydney but a very good zoo, when we lived in melbourne I had an annual pass and took the kids all the time ). Scienceworks is great as is the Melbourne museum. And around Melbourne are things like Philip island with the penguins. Wandering around the amazing lanes in the city you will find some great shops and cafes. St Kilda is a great area with the beach,playgrounds (the st Kilda one is the best and totally different from anything in Hong Kong, but quite difficult to find - google it for details) and easily reached by public transport.

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