I think there was a previous discussion on this where the American Association of Pediatricians recommendation, which the above-linked Psychology Today article is also based, was discussed. They key thing is that they did not say screen time was bad, they just said it wasn't good. Reading that article I got the sense that they really really wanted to say it was bad but couldn't because they had no proof. So instead of saying it was neutral or not saying anything at all they said... it's not good which I suppose ties in with the modern idea that parents must be striving for the good of their children 24/7. Nobody's advocating that children sit 24/7 in front of a screen or even that an iPad is superior to Lego but that it may give parent or child a breather and apparently (which they chose not to emphasise) it is not bad.

Moreover, the APA reccommendation related to television, the Psychology Today article decided to apply it to iPad which I think is unscientific since while it uses a screen, it's a different technology. Personally, I noticed my son doesn't care about TV but was becoming addicted to the iPad because unlike the TV, the iPad is more interactive.