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Anyone experienced MULTIPLE MISCARRIAGES and then went on to have a healthy child?

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    AmyH is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
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    My sister has had a few. First pregnancy miscarried in first trimester then went on to have two healthy babies. Tried for a third baby but miscarried at 15 weeks, then at 20 weeks. She then went on to have a healthy baby after the two miscarriages.
    She had an issue with an incompetent cervix. For her last pregnancy the doctor put in a stitch to keep the cervix closed (not sure what this is called). She had to have lots of bed rest etc and her son was born two weeks early.

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    planning a baby is offline Registered User
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    Incompetent cervix: miscarriage causes

    Thanks for suggestion.
    Having an incompetent cervix was what I read about before and checked with my doc.
    I was told I don't have incompetent cervix or abnormal uterus shape either.

    Am happy to hear your sister went on to have successful pregnancy :)

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    May 2010

    Cousin of mine had two miscarriages but now has three very healthy children (one just represented the USA in an international under-20 sporting event). Her second miscarriage was very late and they had to induce delivery of a stillborn baby. Was very hard on her emotionally, but she got through it with some help.

    Not sure the cause of the miscarriages. I think one might have been related to an illness the mother had during the pregnancy (like the flu or something).

    But getting pregnant and having a baby can still happen, even if you've had problems in the past.

    Good luck.

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    candyman is offline Registered User
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    May 2012

    My neighbor had three miscarriage before she had a healthy baby. Her miscarriage was not found to be related to any specific reasons.
    For myself I had two time of spotting when I was carrying my daughter who is one year now. The doctor said there was nothing much they can do about it. So I can totally understand your feeling.
    Good luck and am sure u will have a healthy baby this time

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    nino is offline Registered User
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    I had two miscarriages before becoming pregnant with my first child. They were unexplained and I had d&c for both. For my successful pregnancies, my doctor put me on baby aspirin and progesterone for the first few months. I have two kids now. It's a really tough experience, especially when there are no answers. I read as much as I could about miscarriages and made a few lifestyle changes as well.

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    sselarka is offline Registered User
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    I had two miscarriages, both at about 6 weeks, no tests were offered and no reasons were given. Then tried raspberry leaf tea, acupuncture and aspirin and had a successful pregnancy. Just moved to HK and currently dealing with another miscarriage at 6 weeks - forgot about the aspirin this time. Naively thought that after one healthy pregnancy we were in the clear. When we try again, I will be taking aspirin.

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