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4 months and just did blood test for down syndrome

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    Wolfie is offline Registered User
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    Yes seems the test is only about 60% accurate anyway.

    The doctor recommended doing the amniocentesis, but I'm a bit worried about it.

    How bad is the amnio? I know the miscarriage risk is less than 1%. Should I do it, or just not bother?

    I went to some clinics today to find out about T-21 and NIFTY but those take 3 weeks to get the results back. Because I'm already so far along (almost 18 weeks), if I *did* do the T-21/NIFTY and the results were positive for DS or other abnormalities, and the doctors recommended termination, I'd really be running out of time..........

    Realy stumped on what to do. Take further tests or no????

    Isn't 1:205 not so risky in the end?

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    mumsy is offline Registered User
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    The question of whether to have or not have an amnio is only a decision you and your husband can make. Would you want to keep a child that had down syndrome?

    I also failed the OSCAR risk test and decided to go ahead with the amnio but not because I would terminate but because I wanted to prepare myself for the future. Bear in mind that with the amnio - you can get the preliminary results the next day but the final results can take anywhere between 1.5-3 weeks - it all depends on how slow/fast the cultures grow.

    At 18-20 you will also be due for an anomaly scan which can pick up other abnormalities and defects including some signs of down syndrome but this is not as reliable as the amnio.

    Anyway, good luck with your decision.

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