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Has anyone had any experience with the Women's Clinic in central?

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    sfolola is offline Registered User
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    May 2011

    I also recommend Dr.Mok. I am due this weekend and have received excellent care from her throughout my low risk pregnancy. She isn't cuddly, by any means, but she is kind and informative, without being prescriptive.

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    newhkmommy is offline Registered User
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    New York

    not sure they are equipped to deal with high risk pregnancy (beyond twins)

    or maybe just my high risk case. i went for an initial consultation with dr doo and he told me that he/matilda were not equipped to help me and referred me to queen mary's high risk wing. i actually appreciated his honesty and respect his assessment.

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    Jun 2012

    Just to follow up on my statement that they were not great with complicated pregnancy, I think that it might be that they are too busy right now to deal with complicated pregnancy.

    My doctor at WC was the first to discover a major complication in my baby (which turned out to be nothing after 20 weeks of testing) and within 30 seconds of giving me the horrible news (and suggesting I consider terminating) left me in the examining room and did not return. Even though my pregnancy has been complicated he/she (don't want to name the doctor) never remembers who I am and I have had to remind him/her at each appointment about my early complications. At 31 weeks I ended up switching to another doctor because I was so tired of dealing with that.

    I do believe that they are very medically skilled and I think for the right pregnancy, and perhaps during a less busy year, they are great doctors.

    Just my experience!

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