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music instrument learning methods- advice needed !

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    music instrument learning methods- advice needed !

    I recently asked Suzuki for my kids and then I was told that we may need to wait for 1-2 years to get a place. This made me crazy.
    I am wondering if anyone get their kids to learn instrument, especially Violin in other methods and what they are and how they work with your kids? Most importantly, where can I find a GOOD teacher. my Kid is 3 and they said it is the best time to start to learn violin as their finger bones are soft.
    Any suggestions and good/bad experiences?

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    Hi mums2 the exact same thing happened to me, I replied to another of your post. So we went with Takako which as I said before I can highly recommend, the best academy the lady used to teach at suzki. What I noticed between the two studio' s is with Takako's studio a parent is expected to learn with a child, its a real commitment.
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