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Working in HK while Pregnant

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    Working in HK while Pregnant

    Hi Ladies (and any Gents)

    I am currently pregnant with no.2 and working in the restaurant industry in HK.
    We work very long hours (compared with the UK, where I'm from and worked while pregnant with no.1)

    I cannot for the life of me find any goverment info. on working regulations i.e. limited hours etc. Please tell me I do not have to continue my 14 hour days!!!!!

    Only in week 10 so I know the tiredness will pass, but it's very tough.
    Anyone know of the do's and don'ts of HK working law?

    many thanks

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    Unfortunately there are no regulations r.e. Limited hours. The only thing would be 10weeks maternity and perhaps giving you bed rest if you can provide a doctors note.perhaps you can work something out with your boss?

    Sorry for the not so Good news.

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    There are laws to protect pregnant women from having to perform strenuous work activities in HK, if certain conditions are met.

    "A pregnant employee who has given a medical certificate cannot be assigned to perform hazardous and strenuous work which may cause a risk to the pregnancy. If her job involves that type of work, then the employer must change the employee’s duties within 14 days of the certificate being presented.

    Pregnant women who wish to utilise these rights need to make sure that the proper notices are served and also that their employers are aware of these rights. It is possible for employers to agree more generous maternity rights and even include these in the employment contract. Indeed many employers, especially international firms, have consistent maternity benefits irrespective of the location and the local law, with many employers offering maternity leave of 6 months or more. However, in the absence of agreement the only entitlement is to the benefits and rights set out previously."

    Just go and talk to your doctor and tell them that being on your feet for 14 hours is too much, have the doc write a letter and present it to your employer. They must change your duties to accommodate you (within reason) and they cannot terminate you. If your employer disagrees or takes any negative action, contact the Labour Department immediately.
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