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Joint citizenship w/ HK passport?

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    Joint citizenship w/ HK passport?

    My baby, who was born in Hong Kong to a HK-Canadian mother, currently has a Canadian passport.
    I'd like to also get a HK passport for her, to make it easier when we go in and out of immigration. (Both my husband and I are HK permanent residents).
    But I'm filling out the form and see this as a statement I must sign to:
    * "The child is a Chinese citizen and no declaration of change of nationality has been made to the Immigration Department, Hong Kong, in respect of her."
    Am I violating anything if I sign this, and she is also a Canadian citizen?
    Will getting a HK passport in any way threaten her Canadian citizenship?
    I highly doubt it as so many people here have both HK and overseas passports. But I just wanted to check.

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    What I've heard is that you should get HK passport first and then another passport 2nd - but could check with immigration on their opinion of the matter...

    Do you have the sticker in their Canadian passport? That's what we have (in an Australian passport) and it's easy enough. A HK passport wouldn't be significantly easier...

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    My husband's lawyers said there is no problem to hold a US and HK passport for either country. However, we filed for both passports on the same day so I'm not sure what the restrictions are when you sign after already getting one.

    Good luck!

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