Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and would ask for some suggestions about a potential relocation in HK and how to settle down with my 2 kids (2 and 4).
School: I'm orientated towards Highgate House Woldorf pre-school in 100 peak road. Any experience? My kids don't speak english and are already attending a Woldorf-Steiner pre-school here in Milan (Italy), so we are familiar to the method but would like to know how's the people working there. I don't want them to be shocked by the language gap in schools that might be too demanding for the little ones. Don't mind if it would be difficult to get into any primary after pre-scool since we don't know how long this relocation will last.
Relocation: My husband will work in Queen's road east, Wan Chai. I'll be home with the kids. What's a convenient location near Queen's street east and not to far from 100 Peak road? I'm considering buildings with facilities (gym, swimming pools ok for kids, playgrounds in the surroundings). Budget is not bad, 50k per month. Any suggestions are so welcome.
Thanx for your help, if the relocation would come real I want to have everything as clear as possible in my mind about what to expect with the kids :)