We had been TTC for 6 months without success, and so we started panicking a bit and wanted to get some advice from a doctor. After 3 months' wait, we finally went to our appointment with the "chief embryologist" at a famous fancy-pants clinic in Central (PM me if you want to know which one).
This was probably a stupid decision on our side, because we only needed a subfertility consultation. However, we could not possibly expect the below, and at the same time were also curious about other possibile treatments that we would hopefully not have to go through after a few more months of trying. In any case, this turned out to be a completely useless rip-off.

The whole thing was extremely unprofessional. The doctor was 30 minutes late, she did not close the door (we had to ask her if we could remove the door stop before we started our session!), her English was badly broken and we had to ask her to repeat many times. She just gave us general subfertility advice, the sort that you can easily find online. Some of it was questionable too, like don't take iron supplements, or temp charting is useless and antiquated (she did not even bother to take a look at the charts that my wife brought along, didn't ask for blood tests). Most of her subfertility advice, even basic stuff like ideal timing of intercourses, was elicited by our questions at the end of her "presentation" of the two treatments she recommended for our situation (IUI and IVF), and of the two tests she recommended before we went ahead (sperm analysis and HSG - still no blood test).
She was kind enough to let us know the prices for the two treatments, which are not mentioned on their rather poor website. It's 16,000 HKD for IUI and 88,000 for IVF, which is very many times as much as we would pay in both our native countries.
We had to ask her to give us her scribbled notes, else we would have gone away empty-handed, not even a brochure. She was not rude, but we did feel rushed. They wouldn't accept my sperm sample because it was too late (just before 5pm).
We had to pay an astonishing 1,300 HKD for all this, and we were given a recipt that was simply inaccurate ("Psychological consultation", in my wife's name only). I asked the assistants to change the details because I could have had troubles with my insurance, but they refused to help.

If you are in the same situation, we strongly advise against these crooks and book instead a consultation at the HK Family Planning Association, Subfertility Service.
Their website alone proved more helpful than the above experience. A consultation costs only 300 HKD and other basic services (like sperm analysis) cost like less than half the price compared to the above-mentioned pretentious clinic.
In the end, before going to the HKFP appointment, we got a via natural intercourse (yay!!) so we cancelled that and cannot fully vouch for them. However, unless you are super-desperate, our advice is to definitely give them a try first.

We now know how frustrating TTC can be, so we wish all of you best of luck, and we hope that this post can be helpful to the "newbies" out there :)

All the best!