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What's are my first steps after testing positive?

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    MertonMummy is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2012
    Kennedy Town

    What's are my first steps after testing positive?

    Hi, I'm 7W and a total newbie to this and to HK. We just found out yesterday but we're at a complete loss of what the process is like here unlike if we were at home.

    So, from what I gather reading the forums, the first things I should do are
    Register at a public hospital for a bed
    - I'm in Kennedy Town, so QMH would be the go-to?
    2. Go to private clinics for check-ups
    - But where do I start? Who do I go to?

    Some background info: we've been trying for about 3-4 years and even went to a private ob/gyn for fertility treatments. We were abt to start AI or IVF when we moved here so our plans were halted. We decided we would adopt and just started the process, and were about to make the final submissions and arrange for home visits when I missed my period.

    So, we're very very worried about complications/mc's etc - not that we've had them before but because we could never conceive despite a whole year of treatment.

    Any thoughts on whether the 2 action points above are about par for the course or given my history, should I take some other extra precaution (that I still don't know about?)

    Thanks so much!

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    elle is offline Registered User
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    May 2010
    hk south side

    might want to book an appointment with a private doctor who can review your medical history and discuss any particular concerns/ potential issues with you. Believe you need a doctor's certificate confirming pregnancy to register with a public hospital anyway, so one visit to a private doctor may be good place to start. oh, and congratulations!

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    elle is offline Registered User
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    May 2010
    hk south side

    This link may also have a little useful info and contact numbers, etc. in addition to the info available on Geobaby:

    Also, you don't need to immediately register with a public hospital. If you have a HKID you will get a place. It is the private hospitals that book up incredibly quickly and if you are considering a private delivery you should see a private OB/GYM asap just to start the booking process. Also, you can do all your pre-natal care through the public system if you chose, which many women do. Lots of others use a combination of public care and private appointments for extra scans or appointments with private midwives. Your choice.

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    giginium is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2012

    Step 1: go get an official pregnancy test at any doctor to obtain a letter indicating that you are pregnant.

    Step 2: call the hospital authority to ask which hospital is within your residential home catchment area

    Step 3: bring your hkid and your husband hkid and proof of address and letter of pregnancy to the hospital to get booked into the system.

    This is Bc they will book you for a series of tests that work on some sort of first come first serve basis

    Step 4: go see a private doctor to discuss medical history and concerns, etc

    Also start thinking about whether you would like to go public for private for birth as it may impact your planning during the ante natal care process.

    Hope this helps

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    alfa is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2010
    Hong Kong

    You have plenty of time to register public so just see someone privately confirm the pregnancy have the first scan and discuss your medical history and then register at QMH if you are oing to take a publick route.


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    nzstephanie is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2011

    I am nearly 9 weeks pregnant and planning to go through the public system too. Also at QMH. This is baby number 2 for us. The advice given in previous messages is correct. You won't miss out on a place at QMH as long as you have a HKID. All appointments early in your pregnancy are done at Tsan Yuk hospital, once you are further along you go to QMH for check ups. To make your first appointment at Tsan Yuk, just phone them 2589 2100. They will tell you what you need.

    I'd love to keep and touch - we are both in the same boat!

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    karhu is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2012

    Congrats Merton mommy!

    If you are worried about complications it might be better to deliver at public hospital as they have all the equipments and devices for emergency cases whereas as private hospital might not be as well equipped ....

    Have been told by a doctor at public hospital that if there are complications for the baby, private hospitals have to call up public hospitals looking for a place to admit the baby, which in many cases there are no spaces and treatment might be delayed....

    That's one of the reasons I chose to deliver at public hospital...

    Hope you will have a smooth pregnancy abs delivery and a happy and healthy baby :)

    I have

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    Wolfie is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    First things first – just like what they said in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, DON’T PANIC. The public system here is really good and extraordinarily well organized and efficient. I was really overwhelmed after doing my test too and wondering on earth I am supposed to do. But the information here on the forum is correct so no need to worry about whether you are doing it right or missing out on something crucial.

    First go to your doctor, do a pregnancy test in their office, and get them to give you a letter confirming the pregnancy.

    Next call up Tsan Yuk and say you want to make a booking and that you have the letter confirming the pregnancy from the doctor. They will need to know how many weeks you are.

    They will give you your first appointment, and get you in the system. Like Giginium said, you take your documents (HKID of you and husband, copy of your passport ID page AND the page with your HKG visa plus the same for your husband, and proof of address in HK, like a utility bill)

    Every time you go for an appointment they tell you exactly what is coming up next.

    At first your appointments are at Tsan Yuk, then a few at the Jockey Club Polyclinic (next door to Tsan Yuk), and then a few at Queen Mary itself. But everything starts at Tsan Yuk.

    I’ve been really impressed so far with how smooth the process is, once you have enrolled in the system. The nurses have all been kind, friendly and very helpful. They state clearly what the next appointment is about and what you need to do each time (like bring a urine sample, or fast, or whatever). So far it's been really, really smooth (I'm 7 months now) and it's been a huge relief. So try to relax and enjoy it if you can!

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