Another great doctor in tsim sha tsui is nancy Fok

Public hospital doesn't give you enough monitoring of baby in terns if ultrasound but they do fetal heart rate each time, private will do ultrasound for you each time! I delivered my baby at queen Elizabeth in Jordan (public) and it was a very positive experience... Birth ball, aroma therapy, hubby with me the whole time.... But a little noisy at the post natal wards as babies are with the moms in the big room so there is baby crying constantly.... But public hospital has better support for breastfeeding and encourages it, whereas in private hospital the feeding schedule is more rigid and you need to be very insistent and make an effort to breastfeed (make a trip to the nursery and the nurse letting you in)

I think you can enter the public hospital system first and still book a bed with the private doc at private hospital ... That way if u are on waiting list you will still be able to give birth in public hospital if you dont get a spot...public hospital is pretty great!