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Double strollers - What is the best???

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    Double strollers - What is the best???

    We have baby number 2 arriving in June 2013 and will need to purchase a double buggy. Can any of you recommend what you consider to be the best to use?
    We do have a car so using it on public transport isn't taken into consideration. I'm mainly thinking what would be best in regards to taking up space in our apartment/comfort for the babes and price.

    The oldest will be 2 when the new baby arrives

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    Gemma is offline Registered User
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    My oldest was 19 months when we had our second baby. We actually made do with a buggy board attached to our stroller. Obviously not for everyone, ESP if your going to be toddler still v much prefers to sit, but just something to think about as you are going to have to negotiate pavements, supermarkets, doors etc as well.

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    We had two kids 21 months apart and we made do with a baby carrier and stroller. We did purchase a 2nd stroller which we only used when my hubby and I were together (eg at Disneyland or the like) but never had the need for a double stroller. Also we purchased a buggy board but didn't really use it very much. We did look around and considered it but I thought they were all too large/cumbersome to be practical here. One of the most popular ones though is the Phil & Teds but I found it heavy and it would have been awkward for me to get in and out of a bus/taxi... if you drive everywhere though, it would be far less inconvenient.

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    To be honest, you'd be better off with a stroller and a buggy board. We have both the city jogger double stroller and the bugaboo bee with board and I must say that the bee gets used so much more than the double stroller for the following reasons. The double stroller swallows up nearly the entire footpath when we go for a stroll forcing everyone else onto the road (and it seems pretty rude to me to force other pedestrians onto the road). Also one time the footpath became so narrow that one of the wheels became airborne and then the stroller with my two LO in it keeled over onto the road and my husband and I were frantically trying to get them off the road and out of the way of the incoming traffic. I still shudder when I think what would have happened if I had gone for a walk without my husband there because I would not have been strong enough to hoist that thing with my two children strapped in it off the road.....horrible experience.
    Secondly, it is a huge beast of a stroller in tiny HK, and people have to 'get out of the way' whenever we have taken it to the malls and tried to get into cafe, restaurants ect, to the point it becomes a little ridiculous.
    Thirdly, we seldom take public transport and when we park in the car park, the double stroller is too large to get between the teeny tiny spaces between cars (bee manages fine) and we end up having to walk for miles in a huge detour to get to the elevators.

    On the plus side, we travel a great deal and a double stroller is fabulous as we can go out all day with the stroller fully loaded up with bags, snacks ect and the children can have their naps in the stroller, and its a really fabulously smooth push. But for HK purposes, the city jogger is not so great.

    My two cents. Hope this helps you make your choice.

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    Recommend looking at Britax BDual. The upper level is suitable for newborn and can be reversed so baby is looking at you, lower level can be de/attached depending on the needs of the elder one. Ample storage and adequate stabilisers for steering on bumpy hk pavements.

    Maybe a tandem style buggy would be a suitable choice over a side by side double buggy.

    Downside: it is heavy at over 10kg.

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