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Considering to give birth in my home country. What to do?

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    Considering to give birth in my home country. What to do?

    Hi all,
    this is my first pregnancy in HK and I would like to keep the opportunity open to fly back home to give birth. I only tested positiv today and I don´t have an OB yet. I only made an appointment with my GP to confirm pregnancy.

    If it is a smooth pregnancy as my first was, I will definitely fly home, because I want to spend the summer there and not here (due date is mid of July). In the case that I cannot fly, I would consider to give birth ambulant in a public hospital. But I would like to see a private OB for the check-ups. I just don´t see why I should pay the deposit for a private hospital if I´m trying NOT to give birth there but in my home country.
    Does any of you has experience with this situation?
    I heard that most private OBs want to see the receipt of the "Matilda deposit" or another private hospital otherwise they won´t take you as a patient.

    Thank you very much I really appreciate any advice!

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    Plenty of private OBs will see you if you are not delivering at a private hospital. In fact, you begin seeing a private OB before you have a hospital booking as the booking is made through the OBs office.. Whether a particular OB sees patients who will not deliver with them varies, sometimes depending on how busy the OB is. Call around to different doctors you are interested in seeing and go from there - many will take you as a patient. Don't worry.

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    I have a private OB but I'm delivering at a public hospital - it has never been an issue. Given the limited number of private hospital places, I'd actually be very surprised if many OBs refuse to take patients who want to deliver publicly.

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