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Jamu massage for March 2013 HK moms

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    Jamu massage for March 2013 HK moms

    Hi Moms to be in March 2013

    I am expecting in March 2013 in HK and am looking for a jamu massage therapist for post natal massage. I tried couple of websites and spoken with a couple of ppl as well. The best option that I seem to be narrowing down upon is services from a therapist in Singapore. She is ready to come down to HK if there are 5-6 March 2013 moms who can enroll for her services.

    I am in and am looking for 4-5 more "March 2013 moms-to-be" who would be keen.


    1. Jamu massage [i have picked this from the net] - Jamu Massage is a traditional Indonesian massage using various kinds of plants and herbal medicine. This traditional form of Jamu medicinal therapy has its roots in South-East Asia before the 17th century. Various types of Jamu are used to combat an assortment of illnesses as well as to help women keep fit, beautiful and slim.

    2. Pricing - I am confirming the final pricing with her, indicative pricing is HKD 7,516 for 10 Days Postnatal Sessions. Each session is 75 mins and includes all transportation and oils etc.

    3. Confirmation: We will need to confirm to them and give some advance [i think] so that they can book it for us.

    Let me know if any of you are interested [i am available at 60458884] and i will try and book it for us.


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    Hi Again
    Have received the below details from them []. I am copying pasting their email. I need only 3 more people now. Please call me 60458884 or PM me if you are keen.


    "Therapist Package:

    - 7 Days Jamu Postnatal Massage Sessions: HKD$5712.00
    - 10 Days Jamu Postnatal Massage Sessions: HKD$7516.00
    - 14 Days Jamu Postnatal Massage Sessions: HKD$10,640.00

    For our Therapist Package, all the packages above are inclusive of the air ticket and accomadation.

    Duration: 75 minutes

    Beside our Traditional Jamu Postnatal Massage, the following treatments and services below are all inclusive as part of our package:

    *Hot Stones Compress
    (warm river stones provide deep penetrating heat to ease muscle tension and soothe nerves. It also aids in relieving muscle pain, strains, poor circulation, back pain and insomnia)

    *Breastfeeding Support
    (relieve engorged breasts and clear blocked ducts)

    (a type of Jamu applied to the forehead after the massage to cure dizziness, hazy vision and eyestrain)

    (a type of Jamu applied on the midsection before putting on the binder to help firm and tighten post-delivery flab on the belly)

    (are placed around the tummy to help increase the effectiveness of tapel and slimming creams. Best to be worn for six to ten consecutive hours, to see visible and lasting slimming results in the tummy area) *Even after all your session completed, binder will be given.

    *Baby Massage Sequence
    (new mothers are taught a baby massage sequence to practice on their baby. It helps stimulate the baby’s sensory development and improve sleep patterns. It can also help to relieve gas and colic while creating new ways for a mother to interact and bond with her baby)

    *Free telon oil for your baby.

    Each session lasts about 80 minutes and all our packages are home-service and is inclusive of the transportation charges.

    When to start your Traditional Jamu Postnatal Massage:
    • Normal Delivery - 5 Days After Delivery.
    • Cesarean Delivery - 3 Weeks to 1 Month After Delivery."

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    Hi there, I am new in HK and am really keen to find out if you have tried this before and how would you rate their effectiveness as I am also considering giving this treatment a try to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. Thanks soooo much for your help.

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