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ESF Hillside

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    Rani, i think you are referring to ESF primary (year 1) interview letters - they went out on Nov 23.

    ESF Kindie (at least Hillside) will be sending out their letters early to mid December. (I just checked with the Principal and thats what he said.)

    So should be soon, but not yet.

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    Sorry not Hillside, Wu Kwai Sha

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    Anyone applying Hillside has got their invitation letter?
    Heard that they have sent out the letter already.
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    matemate is offline Registered User
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    esf tsing yi has sent letters a few days ago

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    Yes I just received ESF Tsing Yi's invite to the play visit on Jan 25, although we're already being put on the wait list batch. I'm not sure if that is because his grandparents can speak Canto or because the spots are all takened by those with sibling priorities, but at least my boy has a chance. Just hope he'll do well during the play visit. I notice that the letter says they will interview the parent and acceptence will also be based on that too; does anyone know what they will be asking?
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    ESF Wu Kai Sha has completed their interviews for sibling priority. There were 50 priority places in all. I have just been told that we got in. Formal letters for sibling priority go out this week.

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