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When are the key stages for changing sizes of clothes throughout pregnancy?

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    When are the key stages for changing sizes of clothes throughout pregnancy?

    Hi Girls,
    I'm expecting my 1st in June (am 10 wks now). I've put on a bit of weight & am getting a bit of a belly although I've recently given up smoking (about 8wks ago funnily enough) so it might be down to that rather than the baby!
    Anyhow I know everyone is different but when do you usually need to start wearing maternity clothes. Also how times throughout will I need to 'up-size'?

    Thanks in advance

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    karhu is offline Registered User
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    It really does depend on the person... I only bought maternity pants, no maternity clothes, just baggy clothes... And only started wearing the pants at 4-5months but my friend started wearing her maternity jeans at 10 weeks

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    It's different for everyone, I lost so much weight in the beginning that I still fit into my 'normal' clothes now (i'm 8 months), just need a stretchy band for jeans.

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    My wife didn't change clothes until she started noticing how tight they became. Probably just vanity, but she wanted to wear and use the clothes as long as possible. She used oversized shirts until she was about six months along, so she wasn't wearing maternity wear for too long. She even fit into my shirts!

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    An important point is that after the birth you won't be able to fit into your pre pregnancy clothes possible for a few months. I had a girl friend who didn't gain much weight during pregnancy and she packed all her prepregnancy clothes into her birth bag fully expecting that she would be back to normal within days after the birth - she was shocked when she couldn't even get her jeans past her thighs - and it precipitated a mad dash by her hubby home for the maternity gear!

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    Bear in mind the seasons as well. It was summer when I was in my last trimester & I got away with 2 pairs of maternity shorts & 3 pairs of maternity pants. Didnt need to buy tops since I was quite small.

    I'd say go easy on the maternity clothes unless you start feeling uncomfortable. Go for cotton so it can stretch. Since you will be full term during summer, you might even get away with your existing maxi dresses etc.

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