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Montessori Class

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    Hi Vivianchung,

    I am a first time mom, son is 13mos right looking around for the right playgroup for him around mid-levels and i came across this thread, i noticed you were quite sure you want montesorri for your son...may i know why?

    Hope you don't mind me asking as i am also comparing diff. methods of teaching...i have been exposed to a teaching method called EYFS lately, which is supposed to be a more structured learning environ., and classes are composed of children of the same ages...and i am still pondering which style to go for....i know he will only be 18mos when he starts, but i hope to see what factors you would consider when deciding to go for montesorri, as i hear montesorri encourages very independent learning/less structure....

    Would any moms have any advise on this issue of choosing the style of teaching for their child?

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    Hi hm88,

    From what i googled, EYFS is not exactly a 'teaching method', but a set of welfare and learning/development requirements which must be followed by childcare providers required by the UK government (parents please correct me if i'm wrong). Most kindergartens do have a more structured learning environment with children born in the same year range. I'm guessing that if you are planning to send your child to a UK school (here in hk or uk in the future), then i think schools that follow the EYFS would be suitable for your family.

    Kids taught with the Montessori method are encouraged to be more independent and use self control/self direction, instead of having a teacher dictate to an entire class most of the time, but the environment is highly structured and require more discipline in certain ways (My son has been to both so i know). However any school can be use/claim to use the Montessori method, so it is best to look at each school individually and make sure you like what they're teaching how they are teaching it. Some schools like Woodlands do incorporate Montessori but also cater for transition into 'regular' schools, so you can ask the schools you are looking into about any transitional provision into future Primary education.

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    I like montessori because it encourages the child to be independent and to us, that's important. Our son who is 28 months now, he can feed himself at meals almost independent. He started feeding himself probably at 14 months. Well, montessori didn't teach him that but it reinforces the idea of being independent. He likes to help around the house and he comes and asks if he can help. Like I've mentioned, to me academic is not that important at this stage. I'm a trained and qualified teacher and I'm sure I'll be able to help him if he really lags behind in the future. But at this stage, I'm more concern with his social, mental and physical development.

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