My helper is finishing her two-year contract in mid-Jan but we will be going away in mid-Dec for 2 weeks. Our initial plan was to let her go when we leave and just pay her till the end of the contract. However, she still has yet to find a job and wanting to be helpful, I am considering keeping her till the end of her contract.

Can I consider the 2 weeks vacation for her (paid) and request she stays outside of the home (not comfortable with her staying alone for 2 weeks since she's leaving, want to avoid any misunderstanding)? So she comes back for another 2 weeks when we are back to finish the contract?

She would want to spend the 2 weeks finding a job so will need to be in HK - is it my legal responsibility to provide her a place to stay in those 2 weeks if they are considered her vacation?

I want to be helpful but not if it complicates things and causes additional liabilities/risks to us....