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What do HK moms feed their babies (6~12month) weaning food

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    Wink What do HK moms feed their babies (6~12month) weaning food

    Im just very curious as to what kind of baby /weaning food HK moms feed their kids. I myself am Asian (not chinese) and I have noticed the food we feed our babies are a bit different from the western style. For example, everything is based on rice (of some sort) and we had veggie, meat, fish, etc (according the the order they are allowed due to allergy). Fruits and puree, yoghurt and bread are for snacks in between. and we feed meat of some sort (chicken, beef, or fish) everyday after 6 months. So its a diff mixture of meat+veggie+ rice for meal and mix of fruit+veggie (or yoghurt) for snack. No seasoning whatsoever till one (except using chicken broth, meat stew, etc., to flavor the food).

    For western, Im not so sure, but my understanding is its oatmeal, toast, and seasoning before 1 years is allowed (such as butter, cinnamon, etc, ) according to many recipe books i bought.

    So Im wondering if anyone knows what Honng Kong babies/or Chinese babies eat for weaning food. is it more to rice based ? or more westernized?
    and do moms usually/or obliged to make it at home (as is in our case) or majority buy jarred baby food? can i get a book on baby recipes of some sort used in HK?

    if anyone has any ideas on this, it will be greatly appreciated!

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    For traditional ones, mostly congee, congee and more congee. And mostly homemade.

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    The govt maternal and child health centre has a booklet with a menu and timetable for introducing foods, including some recipes. Yeah, rice cereal/ congee as the base and mixing in purees veggies, fruit, and then egg yolk, meat, fish etc. I think they recommend starting around six months.

    For my son, we'd boil rice to a soft texture. For my daughter, we've bought rice cereal and mix with veggie puree made at home. The jarred food is too expensive on a daily basis.

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