Hello lalligirl,

Very sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

Unfortunately I too miscarried at 10w4 back in Dec 2012.

In a very similar situation, I was due to fly to London after my miscarriage. My OBGYN suggested I waited to pass it naturally. I was going to London for 2 weeks.

In my two weeks in London, I bleed like a heavy period but only for a short time.

When I got back to HK, I had another scan and unfortunately I did not pass the sac.
My options were either D&C or using medicine (Cytotec). 4 tablets were placed vaginally to help open up the cervic to pass the sac. There are various reports on how effective / painful Cytotec is. My main concern was that I didnt want a D&C so I wanted to give it a try.

I was given cytotec at 1:30pm and by 3pm I had intense diarhea (sp?!) It wasnt pleasant and this is one side affect. I had stomach cramping too (wasnt agony, but pretty painful. (Other accounts can be more painful). By 6pm I had more diarhea & Cramping and then a VERY HEAVY Gush of blood (I mean a LOT) and Passed a lot of clots and what felt like the sac (I didnt dig around to see!). I was on the toilet - some are not so lucky and I think have some pretty bad stories of bleeding in public.

I bleed for the rest of the week and had a followup scan 7 days after the cytotec. The good news - I'd passed the sac, the bad news - I still had a very small amount of clots/blood in me. I decided to have another round of cytotec as I want to clear my system as soon as possible (as there was not much lwft inside- a D&C wasnt needed). This time, less painful - BUT I did take panadol an hour after cytotec so I think it masked the pain.

I am due another scan this coming Monday - Hoping I am cleared. I am still bleeding (light-period-like) today.

I would recommend cytotec if you can't pass naturally. My OBGYN says it is effective for 80% women, but you maybe lucky and pass completely naturally without meds.

I wouldnt chose D&C unless it was the last resort.

Good Luck - as I said I went to London for two weeks, so try to Enjoy it if you can.

Message me if you want any more details.

Good Luck