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Can a terminated helper cash her flight ticket back home?

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    Can a terminated helper cash her flight ticket back home?

    I have just terminated my very first helper. Being from the UK I have never had a helper and I think because we treated her too nice she just took advantage. She was a young Indonesian girl only 21 which we employed via an agency. For the past seven months I have had her I have had to endure terrible, terrible, attitude, laziness, and no respect whatsoever. She would constantly be on her mobile, texting, calling (and in front of my face) without asking. I even have pictures as evidence!! She didn't care about my two children and at times completely ignoring them when they asked for help. I could not ask her to do anything as she would tut at me! I have suffered terrible stress with her and it really was not worth it. In the end we just ended her contract as soon as our new helper arrived. My husband bought her a ticket home like we were supposed to but I have heard she can cash this in. I was wondering if this was possible? I just wanted to warn people to be careful when selecting helpers as if you get a bad one try and get rid right away. My helper always had the upper hand as I was worried she would do things to my children. The stress really is not worth it. Thankfully I now have an older fillipino helper and she is the complete opposite, hardworking, good with my children, and good attitude. :)

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    she can cash it in if she wants. you should document the fact that you bought her a ticket, in case she decides to take you to the labour tribunal. you'll have the proof that you fulfilled your obligations.

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    Agree with Cara - doesn't matter if she can, you've fulfilled your obligations to her if you've documented it.

    she's already wasted your time and energy for the months she's been with you, don't let her waste any more time and energy. Move on, she is not worth it, even if it would feel better to try to keep her out of Hong Kong and not do this to another family (by making sure she gets on that flight).

    You've done your bit if you bought her a ticket rather than give her the cash. Did not give her a reference. Forget her and terrible service and be happy that your children were not harmed by her and you are free!

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    It's over.

    Just remind yourself of that fact. She's gone, and you've done your legal requirement to get rid of her. If there is any worry make a copy of the ticket or whatever and file it away.

    You don't need to warn anyone about "this bad helper" because honestly, most of the people hiring helpers are aware this can happen. Just move on with the new one and have fun with your kids.

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