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Advice on bottles

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    Advice on bottles

    Hi, I am expecting my first baby soon. I will need to bottle feed with formula. I am looking to buy bottles and associated sterilization equipment but I see there are several different brands to choose from. Can anyone give me advice regarding their experiencces with bottles? Which brand worked best, did you need to change brands and why? Which bottle brand do you most recommend and why? Should I buy a lot of bottles and equipment ahead of time, or just a few and wait and see what baby prefers? Any advice would be highy appreciated!

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    I use avent and it has worked well with my baby so she is a very easy going baby, never had issue switching between breast and bottle and breastmilk and formula! I use avent cause I bought avent breast pump so thought I would go all the way

    Chu Chu is a popular brand for Hong Kong moms

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    I think if you're planning to breastfeed, then matching the bottle to the pump is a good rule of the thumb. I found it hard getting medela bottles here (though they are available) but the staff at Eugene Club advised me which other brand bottles would fit that pump (Pigeon I think, but not sure).

    Also, BPA-free might be something you want to consider when choosing.

    Both my kids had colic and reflux and I felt that Dr Brown's special bottles did help them a bit. They reduce the amount of air swallowed when drinking. They are a little more expensive, so you could buy a few regular bottles and then switch if needed.

    A tip on the teats... When switching from breast to bottle, my son took to Dr Brown's nipples easily, but my daughter was harder. We found the softer, brown-coloured nippples (again Pigeon I think) suited her. I tried them as I noticed bottle-fed babies in the hospital had been using those.

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