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do I need to queue up for my 4 months old son?

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    Unhappy do I need to queue up for my 4 months old son?

    Hello. I have 4 months old son born in Oct. 2012.
    People around me saying that I need to queue up for the school but which school do I need to queue up? pre nursery? kindergarten? or primary school? or every one???

    I really have no idea what I need to do... even though I was reviewing all the articles in this forum for 1 hour...

    My son is US and Korean mixture and I want to send him international school.
    also, I'm living in Hang Hau... ( from some threads here, I found that greenfield in Hang Hau has quite good reputation..)

    Please give me an advice .. many hugs to anyone who help me!


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    You can approach Greenfield and ask them when the application date is. I don't remember well (my son is in Greenville) but I think was sometime around October, and if your baby is lucky, he would start class in 2014 when he turns 2 year old. You cannot apply before the application date, so there is no queue for you to queue up.

    Don't know about other schools.

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    I know german Swiss and kellett schools take application from birth onwards...might want to submit if you are seriously thinking about international school,

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    Swinging, when I was pregnant with my boy I was told the same thing so I enrolled him at a Kindie for Playgroup from birth. Apparently I did something right but missed a huge part!

    Given you are certain you plan to go the IS route (good for you and stick to your decision after careful research and thinking and discussion with your family), what you really need to do, like what Leslie said above, is to enroll him immediately in all through-train IS which starts their application from birth. (sorry to say, you are already 4 months behind, but I found out when my boy was 18 months old, so you're in a much better situation then I am).

    Beside GSIS & Kellet, I believe Harrow and Discovery Bay International School also accept application from birth (there could be some that we missed). Some also accept application two or one year prior to entry, so you need to do the leg work (online) and find out the application details from each school's website. You may want to get a publication such as 'School Book' which has a complete list of English schools with general information, and pick out several target schools and start your research.

    The Kindie I picked was a great one, and I was glad I applied at birth. However, I later found out the greatest difficulty in HK is good primary school spots, so a through-train school with Kindie attached are highly sought after. Those are the ones you should apply now. However, those schools usually starts at Reception or Prep the earliest (age of entry ranges from 3 to 5), so in addition, a good Kindie with Playgroup around your neighborhood is something you might want to enroll in as well, if you want to start from Playgroup (starts from 6 to 18 months of age depending on the school). Good luck!
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