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Adventist or Hong Kong Sanatorium? Thanks!

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    Yes you are right or you are right :)
    My reply/advice could be outdated but my child was born in Adventist eight-year-old and I love everything about this hospital as compare to HKSH. I signed and joined the package since 8th week for all sort of monthly checkup ... until my son's first birthday, including all of the jabs. Breast feeding might not be publicly supported in public facilities, but it is one of the definite thing to be included in the service.

    They upgraded me to the first class private room because of the vacancy. And I enjoyed my private and happy week with them.

    Thr out the years I did take my child to HKSH for fever fit and some sort of emergencies, they may be the best in emergency as compare to other hospitals on the island because it is where the celebrities would go too. But I have always prefer the Adventist for skin condition n so forth.

    After reading your query I think HKSH could be your better choice because the one and only demerit of Adventist could be the location. The one-way road plus traffic jam in the city could be really upsetting if u r going from the city and in a hurry during peak hours

    Your other choice is the Adventist Tsuen Wan, it's better, newer, and more complete in service.
    Hope it helps any

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    Thank you Moonlight! yes the location is an important factor when I decided to book HKSH, though there is always a small congestion in front of the hospital - so many cars getting in and out through a relatively small space.
    I asked my OB today that if it is possibleto have my mom with me in the delivery room, and she said that she remembers HKSH only allows husband in the delivery room...I hope this is not true...

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    From what I remember the final say is the MIL charged in and they didn't say hubby did though and she was out in a sec!

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    Justarlene: I believe Dr Ghosh only delivers at the Matilda, not at Adventist or Sanatorium. So, you either have to choose a different doctor, or use Dr Ghosh and go to the Matilda.

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    Dear all, my only add on question about Sanatorium, is whether they do have a special care unit for the baby? that in case there is any emergencies the baby wouldn't need to be transferred to a public hospital? thanks

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