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Any problems up to the 12 week hospital app where to go?

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    Aquarian is offline Registered User
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    aches and pains are fairly par for the course I'm afraid. i don't think an ob would do a lot of expensive tests, simply because if you're very early in your pregnancy there is little anyone can do if things do start going wrong, but they would probably do a scan to have a look at the baby which might reassure you.

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    Yeah, having gone in for similar things to a private ob/gyn myself, they generally just do a scan. Cost is about hkd1000 for the consult and scan. If money is a concern, ask for the charges when you make an appointment and don't be shy to ask how much something will cost during the process.

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    Dillon is offline Registered User
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    Yeah I think the aches are a lovely normal combo of constipation, wind and stretching. I think I might book a private appointment also to make sure I do get the extra reassurances and scan. It's seems quite common here for people to both from reading the posts in the forum. Thanks again for all your comments!

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    I was having lots of back and side pain and I just went to a walk in GP. He was very good. Just checked me out, asked questions and figured out it was round ligament pain. I had that with my first but it was 10x worse this time so I didn't know what to think.

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