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Looking for people who are foster parents

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    Foster care isn't very common here-particularly with families with younger children of their own. There are quite a few local families(usually older couples with grown children) who are foster families(and the quality of care is quite varied!), but almost no expat families. Some of the reasons I guess are because of limited space in homes, the fact that one of the couple is required to be at home full time, and it is difficult with the fast paced/expensive life here, and having to use public transport with little kids etc. That is of course apart from all the usual difficulties associated with foster care no matter where you live.

    My husband and I are foster parents and have been for over 13 yrs both here and in Australia, and have cared for around 18 children over that time. Here in Hong Kong we usually take in babies with special needs waiting to be adopted. It is so important for babies and children to be in a good family environment-no matter how good an institution/baby home/orphanage is, it is no replacement for a family, and for children to develop good healthy attachment with consistent carers :) I must say though the care here in HK is very good compared to some countries. We have had a lot to do with Mothers Choice over the years and they are an excellent organisation!

    There is definitely a need for english speaking families providing foster care for children that will be adopted internationally. It isn't always easy-saying goodbye is hard, and sometimes working with the system can be difficult. you do get some reimbursement to help cover costs but it certainly doesn't cover everything, and particularly when you are running back and forth to hospitals 2 hrs away by public transport with a baby having open heart surgery-it can be very complicated! But-knowing that you have had an input into little lives, and seeing them thrive is such a wonderful thing. and watching your own children's hearts grow bigger as they love and become more generous is also fantastic. We continue to have contact with all the families that have adopted the children we have cared for in HK, which is wonderful, to watch them grow and thrive in their adoptive families.

    We are currently having a break from fostering as we have just adopted a baby girl with down syndrome and as we don't have a helper, 3 young children at home is enough for me at the moment! But I'm sure we'll be back doing it again. We have 3 adult biological kids, and our youngest 3 are all adopted (2 actually adopted from foster care-1 in Aus and 1 here in HK).

    Anyone who is interested in foster care is welcome to contact me for more information, and the SWD can also give you info. Mothers Choice is great to contact too-the lady in charge of their foster care program is also a previous foster/adoptive mum.

    sorry for the long rambling post-just thought there may be info of interest to someone here!

    I did contact the original poster and left a message-not sure if he has found a family by now for the film.


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    Hello Kathy - or others,

    I am interested in finding more out about fostering in Hong Kong. This is an old thread so I might not get a reply. But would be interested in meeting for coffee sometime.


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