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Victoria vs Greenfield vs PIPS / West Kowloon - Olympic area

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    West Kowloon

    Victoria vs Greenfield vs PIPS / West Kowloon - Olympic area

    Hi all,

    I never thought that getting a spot in a PN class to my 2 year old would be so stressing!

    On Friday, we got the good news that Victoria has offered my daughter a spot. We live in Kowloon station and were hoping to get a vacancy at PIPS but, despite having paid the HKD50K debenture (OUCH!), they still cannot give us a place! Apparently, we have paid too late (in early February but classes only start in August...)

    Anyway, we also had an interview in Greenfield Long Beach but still don't know if we will get a vacancy there.

    Do you have any recommendations? Victoria vs Greenfield vs PIPS?

    I'm from Argentina and my husband from the UK. We don't speak any Chinese! Victoria seemed quite local comparing to PIPS and Greenfield. Will most of kids there speak Cantonese only?

    I'd appreciate if you can give me some guidance!

    Thanks! Looking forward to your comments :D

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    Lynn Yeo is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2015
    HI There,

    I know this is very late but would you be able to share with me which school you chose eventually and why? I'm looking at Greenfield and Pips too and I'm wondering if I should queue for PIPs. If you don't get a space are you able to get the debenture back?

    Any advice you could share would be much appreciated!

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    eyc is offline Registered User
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    Yes, for PIPs if you don't get a space, you get your debenture back. I applied to PIPs, they offered me a place but I changed my mind, they still have me my debenture back. You can double check with them. Hope this helps.


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