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I've registered for Public NOW WHAT?

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    Faithools is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2013
    Hong Kong

    I've registered for Public NOW WHAT?

    I'm about 6 weeks pregnant so my GP tells me.
    I did a home pregnancy test which told me i was over 5 weeks so i went to see my 'local' GP and he confirmed my pregnancy with another urine test.
    He wrote me a referral letter for the Tsan Yuk Hospital which i'm grateful that is so close to home.
    I went in there today and they made my appointment for the 7th of May.
    I haven't even had a blood test yet or been looked at by anyone. I understand that many women miscarriage during these weeks and they don't want to mis use their resources but i need some peace of mind.
    I'd like to have a check up/ultrasound now. i'll be 11 weeks by the time i see someone.
    This is my first child, so i am totally clueless about the ins and outs of pregnancy - especially in Hong Kong.

    Some advice on how to get some peace of mind that everything is okay in my belly would be great.

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    AmyH is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    Gold Coast

    You can go to see a private OB at any time throughout your pregnancy and they will give you a scan. There is a directory on this website that you can see the list of all OBs and just call around to see where you can get an appointment. There can sometimes be a wait of a couple of weeks for your first appointment, but you might get lucky. Just explain to the doctor on your first isit that you will be going public and they are fine with that.

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    Dillon is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2013

    Hi faithools, i had the same start as you, a home unrine test and then a doctors urine test. I'm 11 weeks now and I know what you are going through exactly! My first public hospital appointment isn't until next week even so I was going to have to wait until 12 weeks before seeing anything or doing any further tests.
    It's awful that you can't help reading horror stories about people who miscarried and didn't know, or you read the symptoms of miscarriages and there are a lot you can have and be totally healthy, it's a minefield. I finally broke last week as the anxiety was getting me and went for a private scan to check everything was ok and really happeneing! it is thankfully! I don't think you can have a scan at 6 weeks so you may have to wait until around 8-10 to definitely get the heart beat and see that you are really doing it. My appointment cost me just over 2000hkd so it's not cheap to get that peace of mind but I think it was worth it. You may have to wait it out a bit longer but at least you have good time to plan a private appointment and cross check prices if you want to go in a few weeks.

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    Aquarian is offline Registered User
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    May 2012
    Hong kong

    you shouldn't need a blood test. I had my first scan at 6 weeks, it cost $1500. We saw our little bean and the heart beat, but you could wait for 7 weeks to be sure. I know the feeling of wanting to know it's all ok, but you just need to trust your body - you've got 8 more months to go! :)

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    why would you need a blood test? you already know you are pregnant. i believe that a scan at 6 weeks is pointless. the only scan that would see anything would be a vaginal scan... i did have one of those because i had spotting... but unless there is something wrong, like spotting, there isn't much point as there isn't much to see. but i can understand your eagerness! i felt exactly the same. just hang on until you are closer to the 12 week mark and then go for a private scan if you want. if you can wait until 15 weeks, then you may even be able to find out the sex of the baby.


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    charade is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010

    I agree on waiting a bit to do the scan, if you want to do one just for the joy of seeing the wee one and reassurance that all is well. Eight weeks would give be better, or maybe 10 weeks if you can wait. Then the public hospital would probably arrange a scan with the OSCAR test between 12 and 14 weeks so you're scans would be nicely spaced out.

    Also, if it's just a simple scan you want, and cost is a concern, there seems to be a wide variation. I never paid more than 1000$ for a consult and scan.

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    TNJ is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2012
    Tuen Mun

    Hi Faithools,

    I had the exact same thing as you.. I found out I was pregnant and then I was reffered to a public hospital and they gave me the appointment when I was 12 weeks.

    (My case was a little different because I had no clue how far along I was I knew I was roughly 7-9 weeks.. so they gave me an ultrasound to see how far gone I was).

    Believe me I know its hard, but you wont get that many scans throughout your pregnancy, they are always things to look foward too.

    Just hold out until the 11 weeks, too many scans arnt healthy, the public system in HK is fabulous. I am so impressed with the quality of care I have recieved so far.. I'm 21 weeks pregnant already - time flies!

    Having a scan with a private ob/gyn all the time is costly and not needed! Hold out for those few weeks/months until your next scan - because it is SO WORTH IT. Seeing your baby for the first time is magical and makes the weeks feel like seconds. For the mean time relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Congratulations! x

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    Aquarian is offline Registered User
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    May 2012
    Hong kong

    I've not seen any evidence that 'too many' scans are unhealthy. It wouldn't be a good idea to have them just for fun, because they haven't been proven to be safe - but that's not the same thing as being proven to be unsafe. I had 10 scans and my baby is fine.

    A 6 week scan will tell you: is there a fetus in there (I had no idea you could get a positive pregnancy test without a fetus), how many babies there are, where it is (to rule out ectopic pregnancies), whether it is the right size and shape for the dates, how far along you are (if you're not sure of your dates), what your due date is and (usually) whether the heart is beating well. Obviously you can and will find out all this information later on in your pregnancy instead but I don't see any harm in knowing sooner rather than later if that's what you want.

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