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When to move to a kid bed?

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    When to move to a kid bed?

    We started off living in a small apartment and got a small cot for the baby. Its only 100cm long and the salesperson said it would last till the baby is 2 years old.

    We believed her and believe she may be right. However, our baby is quite large. He's at the 90th percentile now at 10 months. So he's approx. 77 cm. There is approximately 10 cm on both sides (head and feet clearance from the top and bottom of the crib respectively) if you consider the cot guard wrapped in the interior of the cot.

    My wife is looking to move her to a kid bed. I'm not sure if it would be safe for him to do so at the 11 or 12 month mark. My baby still acts like...well a baby as of now and I envision him with the possibility to drop off the bed.

    I would hope to make the transition at 15 months. I looked at the growth chart and see that babies at the 90th percentile grow to 84cm at that age. Would it be unsafe to put my baby in a cot with only 7cm clearance on both sides? What are some of the dangers of doing so?

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    While your child’s size is a factor when considering moving from crib to bed, I think what’s more important is your child’s motor ability. If he’s still rolling around and don’t really have a good sense of balance, he’s definitely going to be prone to falling over.
    Perhaps it’s worth it to replace your current cot with a larger one rather than a bed which may be potentially dangerous.

    We’ve only recently converted our cot into a bed for our 24-month old son.

    Here’s what we used in case you’re interested.
    Gulliver cot from Ikea
    It’s 120cm long so it should provide plenty of space of most kids. The bed base can be lowered so it can still be used safely when your child learns how to pull himself up.
    And you can remove one of the side rails to convert it to a bed when your child is ready.

    We also bought this guard rail as a safety precaution.

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    what i did was have the baby sleep on a mattress on the floor until they were big enough for a toddler bed...basically when they learn how to climb up at down the around 16-18mths...similar to what you're hoping for....we actually went from cot to toddler bed (also can be found at ikea)

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