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    Hi there
    2 queries:

    1) If you are away for a few weeks over the summer period, do you pay for your helper to return to her home?
    2) does anyone have recommendations of an agency that my helper can contact to get flight prices

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    Yes some families do send their helper home for the summer.

    We normally book flights online through Cebu Pacific

    Or domestic helper flights on Cathay Pacific or Philippines Air.

    There are a couple of agents in World Wide House that can help book the domestic fares.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Hi, we are also sending our helper to phills while we are not here. She is going to spend whole august at home with her family. We also use Cebu Pacific and have we spent approx hkd 1300 for return ticket including fee for luggage and insurance. She was last time home this May and the ticket price was more or less the same. I always bought the ticket only several weeks ago and they still had this ok price offers.

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    Jun 2013

    several weeks before the actual flight I meant.. sorry for the mistake

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    in your situation our family would pay for her holiday, actually we would make sure that her annual holiday was at the same time as our "long" holiday - if we go on two holidays we would not send her on two paid holidays, rather we would assign her big household jobs to do when we are not around. you will find local families and expat families differ on this quite a bit...

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