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Feeding on the road

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    Feeding on the road

    We'll be in HK soon with our 11-months old baby.
    She's already eating semi-solid food (veggies and stuff). But how are we supposed to heat those pots up?

    Can we ask restaurants to nuke them? or use hot water? or should we go to 7-11 or something?

    Any advice?

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    Hot water will be the easiest. I don't think you'll be able to use the micro waves at 7-11.

    Also, when you're here pop into any of the bigger supermarkets, and you should find baby purees like Ella's Kitchen which are super convenient.

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    if you ask for boiled water at any restaurant in HK or any Pacfic coffee or starbucks they will be happy to provide it for you. It shouldnt' be a problem at all as they are on pretty much every corner already. Good luck and enjoy HK

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    i would carry a flask of hot water myself and a container that your food jar can fit into. I have been to countless restaurants where they try and give you a bowl thats not deep enough to dunk the food jar into, so the food doesn't warm.

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