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Gassy baby

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    Gassy baby

    Hi guys,
    My LO is currently 13 months. I just stopped breastfeeding a month back and started her on enfamil Aplus stage 3. I have noticed that she has been passing a lot of wind since I started her on the formula. She is also not gaining weight for the past 2 months. She is eating well but I need to change the formula, do you have any suggestions for a formula good for weight gain?
    Thank you

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    Hi there, have you checked with her pediatrician? The gas might be due to intolerance or maybe not, had she have cows milk before you stopped Breastfeeding? At 13 months her main source of nutrition should be solid food, not formula milk! There are formula for hungry babies but that's for before 1 years old I think.... Is she eating solids well? There are formula for picky eaters and their calories might be higher, but I think you should check with her pedi regarding her weight gain before buying any special formula

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